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Class Trips to 'Wazzock-ville'

Posted by lisamichaela on September 4, 2011 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Where , or what, is ‘Wazzock-ville’ ? Let me explain…

There are times in every dance student’s life when their instructor looks at them, or the class, with benevolent despair, or with a tight-lipped smile says something like ‘Step ON the BEAT!’ or ‘No! The OTHER right!’

There are times in every dance instructor's life when students seem to be possessed by dance-challenged aliens or stare vacantly back as if he/she is suddenly speaking in tongues…..That is when someone, or an entire class, has taken a trip to ‘Wazzock-ville’

What causes this mental migration? Usually factors like stress or tiredness, not paying attention & sometimes actually trying too hard to ‘get’ something in class!

So, how can dancers avoid this? Take the time to focus and really ‘be’ in the class/rehearsal, turn off your mobile phone ( & don’t check for messages during water breaks!!!) make it your time to dance & forget about what happened before class or what you have to do after class. Don’t worry about the dancer next to you who seems to be effortlessly mastering the new move and try to relax, breathe & listen to your teacher! :)

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to repeat moves & try not to get frustrated with yourself & soon you will be back on Planet Shimmy & dancing beautifully again

Happy Dancing!

Lisa Michaela x  PS Teacher's can take trips to Wazzock-ville too, they just dont often admit it! :D

Why do I bellydance?

Posted by lisamichaela on August 23, 2011 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

In nearly 14yrs of bellydancing I have often been asked how I 'got into' bellydancing & the answer is that I believe it was Destiny. Let me explain...

From an early age I loved music, dancing, acting & anything creative  & I was very lucky to have parents that also loved the Arts & who always encouraged me.

My mother taught me to dance, we used to waltz around my bedroom ( including reverse spins!!!) & at school I learnt country dancing &  ballet, but my main love was acting.

In secondary school I concentrated on that & went to drama college, the Academy of Live & Recorded Arts ( ALRA) for the 3 yr professional actors course, which also included jazz, tap & movement. It was during my final year, before a performance, when I was flipping through a magazine, that I saw an article on bellydance &  without thinking I turned to a friend & said 'I have always wanted to do that!!'

And that was that! It took a couple of  years for bellydance to find me again, but a leaflet dropped though my door advertising a local class & from that point whenever I needed to find a new class, or needed a push into a new direction or help, the information or resource has always come to me! 

That was the start of my bellydance adventure..& it IS an adventure. Bellydance is a passion, my job, a challenge & a great reward. It is an integral part of my life & of who I am. I am a bellydancer & proud of it!

Through bellydance I have learnt a lot about myself & about other people, have made amazing friends (including my closest, dearest & best friends) & have been encouraged & inspired by exceptional dancers & instructors.  I have laughed, cried, hugged, sweated & shimmied with wonderful people & im lucky enough to be able to do so on a weekly basis.

Bellydance is life affirming & can be life changing & I am so priviledged to be able to dance it, share it & teach it to others....& thats why I bellydance! :)  LMB xx